Archen Engineering Consultants - Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1989, Archen Engineering Consultant & Project Management is a full service provider for Engineering and Project Management services for the construction industry.

We create open working relationships between clients, architects, designers, constructors and suppliers to match requirements with solutions that are convenient, efficient and serve our client's needs. We deliver to a wide range of clients: governmental, commercial, hospitality, health and safety, residential and industrial, etc.

In the 25 years of Archen's existence, we have developed an extensive, loyal client base and a portfolio that includes the most impressive, noteworthy engineering in the gulf region.

We believe that engineering, design and project management are processes where information technology, working procedures, architecture, construction, clients and contractors come together to create bold solutions that are feasible, creative and functional.

It is our mission to meet each project's demands and realize the client's ideas. Archen makes it a priority to build strong, open working relationships and communication channels with our clients, delivering services with excellence, assuring satisfaction from project inception to project completion. Archen is committed to professionalism, transparency and integrity in its day to day operations.

Stretched ambitions; well executed operations. Over the years we have built an Integrated Management System (IMS) guiding all of Archen operations effectively and efficiently; in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

To ensure consistent client focused delivery, we have adopted an operating model which puts the relationship with the client at the center. From there, it defines the process from the initial engagement all the way through project completion.

The client benefits from repeatable processes, effective procedures and highly qualified and motivated people.