Chairman's Message


J.T Enterprises has a simple Philosophy! Our clients, our audience and our partners in the field. In their growth, lies our growth. So wherever they are, India or abroad, we are always in search of opportunities that will make them succeed in their respective professions. In continuation of this philosophy, we at J.T Enterprises, India's leading Government recognized Recruiting organization, takes great delight in assisting our clients to achieve what they seek.

Time does not wait for you or us, it flies like a falling star, In this race of evolution, we have changed our corporate identity to reflect our new age goals, powered by the age-old ethics. Take a closer look at our new logo and website and you'll find it more contemporary, more dynamic and more personal. It effectively mirrors our philosophy where in your success lies our success. What's more, our ultra-modern offices, have a well-qualified team, our extensive database of professionals and our smart selection criteria, all contribute in making us the best in the best in the recruitment industry, a reason why our customers take pride in being associated with us. Since we are the only one to provide them with only the right people for the required assignment, whatever the constraint.

We have our overseas Managerial team who are Stationed in most of the Middle East countries, they are dynamic, enthusiastic and result oriented, they will be ready to visit and serve you at your first call.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our good wishes to our esteemed employers and job seekers who have helped us to reach where we can brush shoulders with the who's who of the industry.

We are grateful to the almighty and our team members, because without them this fate would not have been possible.

Hope you all will contribute to support us in our Endeavour to change and meet the latest developments date to day since you, J.T Enterprises and the world is moving in a speedy direction with the latest technology and we continue to pursue global competency of our core business.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our customer unstinting interest and love towards J.T Enterprises and we promise you we would devote to your management with utmost in customers value.

Thanking you,
John Ambalatinkal.

About J.T Enterprises

Keeping pace with growth, both in technology and business, in 1979 M/S "J.T Enterprises", was incepted to cater to the growing and revolutionary changes effecting the global markets. Today, at “J.T Enterprises”, we feel satisfied to offer our diverse clients, specialized and quality service, in any area of manpower recruitment, and deployment of multitrade and qualified workforce.

We have served and supported a diverse clientele in and around the Middle Eastern markets and as such Refineries, Oil & Gas facilities, EPC Contractors, FMCG's, Hospitality industries, LSTK Contractors, Health Care sector & Hospitals, Manufacturer's etc., have all been benefactors of our constant supply of skilled and professional manpower.

Decades of civilization, evolution of mankind, the changing faces of development and growth and self reliance has globally seen one thing in common - the horizontal and vertical migration of manpower. Despite all that nature blessed each continent with, the human race became the vital link, the pivot and the force behind the optimum exploitation of opportunities.

Today we not only stand proudly mighty tall in this business, having recruited many skilled personnel and unskilled manpower from India, but have added value to business by offering all our clients, the unique possibility of shopping under one roof for any all their requirements to staff, out of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, to all the gulf countries. Through a network of our offices and associate offices in these countries and through our ‘J.T. Enterprises’ offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Cochin & Vishakhapatnam. In India, we offer all our clients a choice of the best manpower, available in the continents as mentioned.